Suffering From mastitis, Tasya Kamila's Second Child Lazy To Breastfeeding

JAKARTA - Tasya Kamila is currently enjoying being a mother of two children, Arrasya Wardhan Bachtiar and Shafanina Wardhana Bachtiar. Tasya explained that currently her second child, who is 9 months old, Shafanina has entered the MPASI phase.

"She already has MPASI so now she's breastfed, but she has complementary foods for breast milk so it's no longer exclusively breast milk," said Tasya Kamila in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta, Tuesday, September 26.

Even so, Tasya experienced an unpleasant incident while breastfeeding Shafanina. She said that her daughter had experienced laziness at breastfeeding which made her daughter jaundiced.

"My Shafanina (breast milk) actually had an oversupply, so she was too lazy to breastfeed. Then she also became jaundiced, a child with high bilirubin would be lazy to breastfeed according to the doctor," said Tasya Kamila.

This made Tasya feel worried and decided to consult a doctor. Until finally Tasya suddenly experienced fever, her breasts became hard and swollen, which was eventually discovered to be a symptom of mastitis.

"Breastfeeding schedule is also one of the keys to successful breastfeeding. The second child turns out the baby's character is different, that's why I consulted him. Why is it so difficult to breastfeed? He smells like he's asleep in a minute. While he's sleeping, he's too lazy to breastfeed. I'm massaging his cheeks so he's enthusiastic about breastfeeding. nya," she continued.

"Then finally at that time there was my sister's proposal event, I didn't pay attention for a few hours, but when I came home from the event suddenly I felt feverish, my breasts were also hard, swollen, this fix was mastitis, for 3 days I really had a fever of up to 40 degrees," she added. .