Responding To The Insinuation Of Virgoun's Sister, Inara Rusli: There Is No Business

JAKARTA - In the midst of a dispute and a divorce process with Virgoun, Inara Rusli also had to face her husband's family, especially the mother and older sister of Virgoun.

As is well known, Febby Carol, who is the older sister of Virgoun, often quipped Inara through her social media accounts in recent days.

However, Inara Rusli chose to relax in response to the satire of her sister-in-law. He said he did not care about the satire of the person to him.

"I don't take care of people's satire," said Inara Rusli to the media crew at the West Jakarta Religious Court (PA) on Wednesday, June 7.

Furthermore, Inara said that the household problems faced were the business of herself and her husband. She feels that she has no problems with other people, especially the family of her husband.

"I have nothing to do outside of the two of us (with Virgoun)," said Inara.

In recent days, Febby Carol has satirized her sister-in-law quite a lot. Virgoun's sister openly referred to Inara as a holy person.

"Heiii km.. don't pretend to be holy.. all netizens don't know yet.. you know they can kaboorr all @virgoun_ @mommy_starla," wrote Febby Carol on the caption of the upload on her Instagram account.

It didn't stop there, Inara was also accused of not knowing herself by Febby. He said this in another upload on his social media account.

"He's important... you have to know where you come from... don't pretend to challenge you a lot... you're without me dust grains," wrote Febby.

"Anyway, take a calcuator, let's count some money that is the same as us, give it out... if you don't pay, if you want to pay, it's already in total for 1 house, the money that I spent... pay me, please!!! Don't remember whose 22 kidneys are broken, who paid the hospital... it's not because I've passed it brooo... the fate of you in my hands don't pretend you're a human being... Don't respect me and keep your head above your head," he concluded.