PDIP National Working Meeting III, Jokowi Asks Ganjar To Continue Indonesia's Development Program

SEMARANG - President Joko Widodo asked the prospective PDI-P presidential candidate Ganjar Pranowo to continue the development program he initiated during his two terms leading Indonesia. This was revealed by Ganjar when met at his office, Wednesday, June 7.

At the PDIP III National Working Meeting on Tuesday, June 6, Ganjar discussed with Jokowi regarding the challenges of the world in the future that must be prepared. Then, Jokowi also asked Ganjar to continue development in Indonesia.

"Yesterday we also spoke with Pak Jokowi, how the challenges of the world, globally, must be prepared, anticipated and the version of Pak Jokowi yesterday, there must be courage that has been shown," said Ganjar in his statement.

"The next homework is how the continuation of this program must be carried out and accelerated," he continued.

Ganjar said Jokowi was an important mentor for him in the government. According to him, Jokowi also often provides advice regarding this matter.

"Maybe the input of his cabinet members is good, it has to continue like that. It's important for me, Mr. Jokowi to provide that input," said Ganjar.

Apart from Jokowi, PDI-P General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri also gave a message to Ganjar. Among them are to carry out their duties as well as the Governor of Central Java and read the president.

"I think from a political point of view, Mrs. Mega has prepared the strength of the party and the cooperation of the party that has communicated with us, but the government has been my mentor, Mr. Jokowi," he said.

Previously, it was reported that Jokowi gave a direct advice to Ganjar regarding leadership during the PDIP National Working Meeting III. Jokowi said a leader must be brave and have guts.

"Then, if the leader in the future is like Pak Ganjar Pranowo, the most important thing is that he has guts, that's number one," said Jokowi.

However, apart from being brave, said Jokowi, leaders must also be brave. According to Jokowi, he saw that there was courage and guts in Ganjar Pranowo.

"Dare is number one, brave and have guts, and I see Mr. Ganjar has it," he said.