June's Choice Film At KlikFilm, There's Miracle In Cell No 7 Korean Version

JAKARTA - KlikFilm still presents the best films from abroad in June. From the awarding titles, there is the original version of Miracle In Cell No 7 from Korea. Previously, Falcon Pictures succeeded in remakeing this film, until it entered the ranks of the film Box Office Indonesia, with more than 5 million viewers.

Apart from Miracle In Cell No. 7, other films are, Angry Annie (Variethy Piazza at the Locarno International Film Festival 2022), Le Petit Nicholas (winner Best Animated Film at the 2023 Lumiere Award), No Dogs Or Italians Allowed (Rifth European Animated Feature at the European Film Awards), The Dam (Cannes Nomination 2022), Myanmar Diaries (winner Berlinale Documenter at the Berlin International Film Festival 2022), Knor (nomination at the Berlin International Film Festival 2022), Spellbound (nomination at the Baeksang Arts Awards), Song From The 2nd Floor (Winner Jury Prize at Cannes 2000), Christmast in August (Winner Best New Director at Grand Bell Award 1999), Hong Kong Family (nomination at Hong Kong Film Awards 2023), Initial D (winner Best Supporting Actor at Hong Kong Film Awards 2006), You The Living (Nomination at Cannes 2007), and Fires on Plain (Nomination at the 2015 Asian Film Awards).

"Many film fans have difficulty watching films from the International film festival. For this reason, KlikFilm always presents films that are included in international film festivals, and we update them every month. So that film fans can enjoy them legally," said KlikFilm Director, Frederica in a media statement, Wednesday, June 7.

The films can be watched legally through KlikFilm, starting in June 2023. The following is a synopsis of films that will air on KlikFilm in June 2023.

Angry Annie tells the story of Annie (Laure Calamy), a French factory worker who is married and has two children, who feels the need to have an abortion. The film was set in the early 1970s, when abortion was still illegal in France, so Annie switched to the Abortion Freedom Movement and Contraception (MLAC) in France. Angry Annie offered a passionate work as well as offering encouragement and inspiration.

Le Petit NicolasNicolas is happy with her current life. Parents who love me so much, friends at school are funny and fun. He felt the peace in his life and didn't want to change that. However, everything changed when Nicolas heard that his mother was pregnant. He was afraid to be abandoned by his parents. Then, he asked his friends to help his parents keep loving him. However, chaotic events occurred when Nicolas tried to please his parents.

Myanmar's hidden Diaries from the world, life under Myanmar's terror junta after a military coup last year is largely invisible. As an act of creative resistance, The Myanmar Film Collective compiled a long film by blurring reality and fiction. All segments from the point of view of the first person were then combined with recordings of terrible eyewitnesses in the form of citizen journalism.

The Dam Every Night, a worker at a traditional brick maker on the banks of the Nile secretly builds a mysterious mud construction. The Dam is a political fairy tale about the power of imagination with the background of the Sudanese revolution.

Knor When a 9-year-old child received a pig named Oink as a gift from his grandfather, he convinced his parents to take care of him on condition that Oink took part in training. However, his parents are not the biggest threat to Oink. A big problem arises because his grandfather secretly participates in a sausage competition organized by The Society for Meat Products from Fresh Pigs.