Observers Of The Value Of Kabareskrim Play A Role In Increasing Public Trust In The Police

JAKARTA - Intelligence and security observer Al-Araf said the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency (Kabareskrim) Komjen Pol Agus Andrianto played a role in increasing public trust in the National Police institution.

"The role of Kabareskrim is clearly in charge of uncovering existing cases," he said in an online discussion in Jakarta, Friday, March 31, which was confiscated by Antara.

The statement was made during a discussion session of the Jakarta Journalist Center (JJC) with the theme, the blessing of Ramadan, public trust in the Police has increased again.

The Imparsial Director said Agus Andrianto played a role in the legal process of former Head of the Propam Police Division Ferdy Sambo and former West Sumatra Police Chief (West Sumatra) Teddy Minahasa.

According to him, the National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit is willing to dismantle the Ferdy Sambo and Teddy Minahasa cases. Meanwhile, Kabareskrim is subordinate to the National Police Chief.

"The will of the National Police Chief is very determined. If the two people are not serious enough to deal with the difficulties as well. It is impossible for the National Police Chief not to have any will, the case could be uncovered. Even though there is also pressure from the public," he said.

Indonesian Political Indicators released the results of a survey on the level of trust in institutions, one of which was the National Police, in the February-March 2023 period. As a result, the level of trust in the National Police increased and was at 70.8 percent.

A survey related to the level of trust in institutions was conducted on 9-16 February 2023 with 1,220 samples. Samples come from all provinces that are proportionally distributed.

Assuming a simple random sampling method, the sample size of 1,200 respondents had a margin of error (MoE) of around 0.9 percent at a 95 percent confidence level.

Al-Araf revealed that there are three points that increase the level of public trust in Polri agencies.

First, law enforcement especially to internal police such as Ferdy Sambo and Teddy Minahasa which are running transparently and accountably.

"There are two generals on trial. The National Police Chief gives space for law enforcement. Two stars are swallowed up (the legal process) in public spaces. The National Police Chief dares to do that," he said.

Second, the handling of security and public order is going well. And third, breakthroughs in community services such as the application of Electronic Tickets aka e-tickets.

"In the past, the ticketing in the middle of the road caused a bad perception. It's better to have an electronic ticket. This breakthrough has an effect on the public," he explained.

He appreciated the efforts of the National Police Chief to improve his image and restore public trust through programs in police institutions.