T2 Becomes An Alternative To Twitter Offering Free Blue Tick

JAKARTA - Twitter's new alternative, T2 launched a strategy to attract users by offering an account verification program, specifically targeting those who lose a blue tick under Elon Musk's ownership.

Having an interface and using a Twitter-like app, T2 is a special social media invitation led by two former Twitter employees.

At T2, Twitter users can bring their blue tick verification or legacy to their site. You can see T2 releasing a campaign that reads, "Get a Tick" that will depend on the old Twitter verification program.

If interested, users can fill out a short form to go through a fast traced verification process for T2. This feature will also work for those on the T2 waiting list.

Along with that, T2 announced today the addition of former Senior Director of Discord Engineering Michael Totaling as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

It is known, T2 has become another part of social media growing as a substitute for Twitter, where not a few users have changed course since Musk's leadership there.

But quoted from Engadget, Friday, March 31, the platform is smaller than some rivals, such as Mastodon, but T2 is here to recreate public fields linked to pre-Musk Twitter.

In fact, the founder of T2 Gabor Cselle once very clearly expressed his desire to make a fairly simple Twitter copy with some simplifications rather than an entirely new experience.

For information, currently, users only have a few days to take advantage of the verification check program because the old verification will be removed from Twitter on April 1.

Even so, the company has plans to offer verification in other ways after Twitter's legacy check is missing. T2-based verification will not work for those who pay on Twitter Blue.