Bybit Launches Blockchain Training Program For African Youth

JAKARTA - Bybit, a global crypto trading platform offering crypto derivative products, has announced that it invites African youths who wish to attend blockchain education training programs to submit their applications.

This training and education program is expected to help individuals participating in studying the basics of blockchain technology, as well as how they can use it to improve their welfare.

Blockchain is a technology that allows decentralized, transparent, and secure storage and data transfer. This technology has been used for various applications, from digital currency to smart contracts. Blockchain also has the potential to empower the public and increase financial inclusion around the world.

Bybit realizes the importance of developing local talents and skills in the blockchain field, especially in Africa, which is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets. Therefore, Bybit has partnered with Innovation Growth Hub, a non-profit organization aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and innovators in Africa, to launch a targeted blockchain training and education program for African youth.

The training program will last for four weeks, starting on April 4, 2023. The program will cover topics such as blockchain history and concepts, blockchain and crypto types, how to use crypto wallets and exchanges, as well as how to participate in the blockchain community. The program will be conducted online through an interactive learning platform provided by Innovation Growth Hub.

Participants of this training program will have the opportunity to learn from experts in the blockchain field who will provide lectures and online discussions. Participants will also gain access to additional learning resources, such as videos, articles, and quizzes. In addition, participants will also be introduced to the Bybit ecosystem, including crypto derivative products offered by the platform.

Bybit hopes that this training program will help African youth to improve their knowledge and skills about blockchain, as well as motivate them to engage more deeply with this technology. Bybit also hopes that this training program will open up new opportunities for African youth to create innovative solutions that can have a positive impact on their society.

To apply for an application for this training program, African youths can visit the Innovation Growth Hub website and fill out an online registration form. The registration deadline is March 31, 2023. The participants who have been selected will be contacted via email by the Innovation Growth Hub team.

According to local reports, experts in the blockchain field are expected to lead or oversee interactive discussions and online lectures. An unnamed spokesperson for Bybit was quoted in the report, emphasizing the importance of training programs.

"Our goal is to provide youth with the knowledge and skills they need to understand and engage with blockchain technology. Therefore, we will work with Innovation Growth Hub to create a unique learning experience for participants," said a Bybit spokesperson, quoted by News.

Bybit also offered attractive prizes for participants who completed the training program well. The participants who get the highest score in the final quiz will get the opportunity to win cash prizes of up to 500 US dollars (equivalent to IDR 7.5 million). In addition, participants who actively contribute to online discussions will also get the opportunity to win other prizes, such as shopping vouchers and Bybit merchandise.

For additional information, Bybit is one of the world's leading global crypto exchanges, which offers crypto derivative products such as futures contracts and an eternal swap. Bybit was founded in 2018 with a vision to provide a professional, innovative and secure crypto trading experience for users around the world. Bybit has more than 2 million registered users from more than 200 countries and regions.