More Wasteful Battery After Installing IOS 16.4, Here's Apple's Advice

JAKARTA - A few days ago Apple officially released the iOS 16.4 update globally for all its users. But unfortunately, many users have complained about bugs after updating their devices.

In recent days, users have complained about the performance of their devices on Twitter. They say that since installing iOS 16.4, their phone batteries have become more wasteful.

In addition, citing DailyMail, some users also said their device is now hot, and others added that their phone failed to connect to Siri.

iOS 16.4 was released by Apple just two days ago in a bid to fix bugs and improve security on iPhone 8 devices and newer models.

It also introduces 21 new emojis including a heart with different colors, more animal emojis and musical instruments.

Responding to this battery life complaint, Apple's support seems to invite some users affected to private Twitter discussions. "We want to help with the problems you're experiencing with the battery on your iPhone."

Apple asks users to explain their complaints via direct message or DM, to be helped to solve the problem.

"Please meet us in DM in more detail about what specifically changed after the 16.4 iOS update," Apple wrote.

However, Apple has not officially fixed the problem of using the battery that is more wasteful. However, Apple recommends that users can maximize battery life by following a number of tips.

One of them is to keep your device away from extreme temperatures that are higher than 35$C which can permanently reduce battery life.

The use of certain casings must also be removed when charging the device if it produces excessive heat, to avoid unexpected device determinations.