Elizabeth Warren Threatens To Build Anti-Crypto Forces To Fight Cryptocurrencies

JAKARTA - Senator Elizabeth Warren has returned to attack the crypto industry by announcing his plans to form an "anti-crypto army" in the United States.

In his latest Twitter post, he invited voters to support his campaign by highlighting some of his achievements as a senator, including providing free-selling hearing aids and reducing child care costs in Massachusetts.

However, one of the things that caught the eye was his plan to "build an anti-crypto army" that would fight the spread of digital currencies in the country.

"I am in this struggle to put our government on the side of the workers' families. Join our re-election campaign today," wrote Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) March 29, 2023

Warren is not a new crypto critic. He has long voiced his concern about the negative impact cryptocurrencies have on the economy, environment and national security.

At the end of last year, he proposed the 2022 Anti-Digital Asset Money Laundering Act (AML), which aims to strictly regulate the crypto industry. AML also requires all decentralized entities to comply with the same AML standards as traditional financial institutions.

The bill has received strong opposition from various parties, including the Republican Party, progressive Democrats, and the crypto and technology community. They argue that the bill will hinder innovation, harm consumers, and undermine US competitiveness in the digital world.

However, Warren has not given up on his efforts to curb crypto. He promised to reintroduce the bill this year and form an "anti-crypto army" that will work closely with regulators, law enforcement, and financial experts.

The move was taken under the pretext of protecting the public interest from crypto threats. He also claims that the majority of the US people support his steps and do not believe in fake promises from the crypto industry.