Google Wants To Seize GitHub Market By Collaborating With Software Startups

JAKARTA - Google is partnering with a Replit startup as a strategy to beat Microsoft's GitHub. Both will combine software and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to help code-writing computer programming.

Replit is known for its Ghostwriter tool, which allows users to use simple instructions, similar to the methods used such as OpenAI's ChatGPT and similar AI-powered chat apps, to generate code.

What distinguishes Ghostwriters is that it has access to, and the context of user projects to help composition. Replit claims, more than 30 percent of the codes written by the developer using Ghostwriters are generated by AI.

With this partnership, the two will work to help businesses by accelerating and simplify development processes to turn non-developers into developers, with Google Cloud and Workspace subscribers gaining access.

"Generative AI can bring significant new capabilities to businesses and developers, including the ability to create new software apps and online experiences easily, safely, and measurably with little or no coding experience," said Google Cloud VP for Cloud AI and Industry Solutions, June Yang.

Although Replit already has 20 million developers, its partnership with Google comes at the right time when GitHub last week announced the launch of Copilot X, an upgraded version of the AI-based software development platform.

Copilot X adopted the latest OpenAI GPT-4 model and expanded the platform's capabilities, added chat and voice features, and allowed developers to get instant answers to questions about the project, as quoted by Venturebeat, Thursday, March 30.

This means that Microsoft and Google's fights will heat up and both will begin to determine which companies can provide the most attractive platforms and tools for software developers.

Our partnership with Google Cloud on infrastructure and AI is a clear step towards our mission to bring in the next billions of software makers online, said Replit CEO and Head of Engineering, Amjad Masad.