Elon Musk Limits Only Verified Accounts To Follow Opinions On Twitter

JAKARTA - Elon Musk announced on Monday 27 March that only verified Twitter accounts will qualify for voting in polls starting April 15. This move is considered by the CEO of social media as a solution to address advanced AI bot attacks.

In addition, Musk also said that only verified accounts are eligible to appear in Twitter For You recommendations, which display a stream of tweets from accounts on Twitter.

Twitter has not yet responded to Reuters' question. Last year, Musk had said that Twitter would limit voting on polls on policies only for Twitter Blue paid subscribers.

Twitter, Elon Musk's social media network has also announced that it will remove old blue verification or tick marks from the platform starting April 1.

"On April 1, we will begin to subside the old verified program and remove the old verified tick," Twitter said in its latest announcement on Friday, March 24.

However, Twitter insists that you can still keep the blue tick on your account, by registering with Twitter Blue subscriptions.