Gus Dur Once Discoursed On Indonesia Opening Diplomatic Relations With Israel

JAKARTA - Indonesia's position in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has never been balanced. Indonesia under the power of Soekarno sided with Palestine. All because of Soekarno's strong commitment to oppose colonialism and imperialism on earth.

However, Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur) showed a different attitude when he became President of Indonesia. Gus Dur had an eccentric idea. He has the courage to openly open diplomatic and trade relations with Israel. This attitude made Gus Dur criticized everywhere.

The Dutch colony carried very deep wounds for the bumiputras. Soekarno understood this. He witnessed for himself how sad the natives were when they were colonized by the VOC to the colonial government of the Dutch East Indies.

Instead of being prosperous, the life of the bumiputras fell to its lowest level. Moreover, the Dutch often acted racistly. They equate the status of the bumiputras with animals. This inhumane treatment made Soekarno furious, not playing.

He also established his heart to devote himself to the fight against tyranny of colonialism and imperialism. Even though he knew the risks. This action made Bung Karno imprisoned.

He was first placed in Banceuy Prison, then Sukamiskin Prison. In fact, the prison did not deter Bung Karno. He continued to loudly perpetuate the resistance against the Dutch. In other words, prison is a new stage.

Big Brother wrote a pledoi (defense) for reading at the Bandung Court in 1930. Indonesia Sues, the title. He wrote down his commitments against all kinds of occupations above earth. The pattern of the Israeli seizure of territory against Palestine, for example.

Soekarno's narrative of resistance to colonialism and imperialism escalated when Indonesia became independent. As a support for Palestine, Bung Karno is often part of banning Israel from attending various international celebrations in Indonesia. From the 1955 Asian Games to 1962 Asian Games Conference.

Given rights or not being given rights; given a handle or not being given a handle; given a reinforcement or not being given a reinforcement of each creature, each people, each nation should not, must eventually rise up, must eventually wake up, definitely eventually move its energy..

If he already feels too bad himself being persecuted by an angry power. Never human anymore. Never nation, even though worms certainly move when they feel pain Bung Karno's petik in the pledoi Indonesia Sues (1930).

Indonesia's stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was then continued in the era of Suharto's administration. The Smiling Generalkerap showed his defense of Palestine whose territory was annexed by Israel. He also fully supports Palestinian independence which was later realized on November 15, 1988.

However, Soekarno and Suharto's attitude was not continued during the era of President Gus Dur's administration. Gus Dur actually had a discourse to open diplomatic and trade relations with Israel at the beginning of his government. In fact, the previous three presidents refused to open diplomatic relations.

Gus Dur took this strategy because he saw that peace between Israel and Palestine would not be created if Indonesia was only outside the arena. Alias, Indonesia will not be able to play an active role in reconciling if it does not establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

Gus Dur also saw that there was another gap in profit from the opening of Israel's trade relationship. Especially economic matters. He considered the opening of trade relations with Israel a solution so that Indonesia could withstand the pace of the monetary crisis.

However, not all Indonesians agree with Gus Dur's discourse. Most rejected Gus Dur's nyeleleneh plan. Especially Muslims. All Indonesians do not want Gus Dur to open the door to diplomacy with Israel and no bargaining for it. Therefore, the discourse did not last until Gus Dur stepped down from the helm.

Another example of Gus Dur's controversial statement is the need to open diplomatic and trade ties with Israel. Gus Dur claims to be a member of the Shimon Peres Foundation, taking the name of a political figure and former Israeli Prime Minister. His statements of this kind made the Muslim community generally furious.

"In fact, a person like Suharto has openly shown his defense against the struggle of the Palestinian people whose land is controlled by Israel; even Pak Harto supports Palestine to become an independent country. But many supporters of President Gus Dur have the opinion that his statement shows the attitude of statesmen, democrats, and supports human rights," said Sri Bintang Pamungkas in the book Change Regime for Change: Struggle Masters the Archipelago (2014).