How To Quickly Install IOS 16.4 On IPhone And Necessary Terms

JAKARTA - Apple has finally officially released iOS 16.4 for all users. The arrival of iOS 16.4 also brings many new features that you can use.

However, not all iPhones support iOS 16.4. Launching Cnet, you need at least the iPhone 8, which was released in 2017, to run iOS 16. In addition, the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone SE (second and higher generation) and the new iPhone 14 can also do it.

Before upgrading your iPhone to the iOS 16.4 version, make sure your iPhone is connected to power. You won't be able to download iOS 16.4 if your battery is below 50%.

In addition, connect your phone to Wi-Fi to get a stable network so that downloads run smoothly.

Furthermore, make sure you free up storage space before downloading iOS 16.4. To free up storage space, go to Settings > General > IPhone Storage to delete large files and apps.

After confirming all the conditions and what is needed, now you are ready to download iOS 16.4. To do so, follow the following method:

After that, you will see the loading bar, along with rough estimates of how long the download process will last.

After the download is complete, reboot your device and wait for iOS 16.4 to be installed. When your iPhone is turned on, follow any instructions and you will see iOS 16.4 downloaded on your device.