Apple CEO Tim Cook's Deadly Seduction For China, Calls Having A Very Fast Innovation Rate

JAKARTA - Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited China and praised the country for its rapid innovation rate and implied long-term partnerships with its company.

According to local media information The Paper, Cook emphasizes China's role as an important player in the landscape of global innovation, and the history of its rich collaboration with Apple.

During the visit, Cook attended the China Development Forum event organized by the government after the country ended its COVID-19 control late last year.

The event was also not only attended by Cook, but top government and executive officials from leading companies such as Pfizer and BHP.

"The innovation is growing rapidly in China and I'm sure it will be faster," Cook said.

During the event, Cook also discussed the importance of education and the needs of young people to learn programming and critical thinking skills.

He also announced that Apple plans to increase spending on rural education programs to 100 million yuan equivalent to Rp219 billion.

Cook's visit comes as tensions escalate between China and the United States (US). Meanwhile, Apple is trying to reduce its supply chain dependence on the Bamboo Curtain country. Where Apple has moved its production to a new, growing center just like in India.

In 2021, the world's largest iPhone factory, operated by Apple supplier Foxconn, will experience significant production disruptions due to China's strict zero-COVID policy, sparking workers' unrest.

During his visit to China, Cook also reportedly stopped at the Beijing Apple Store, which quickly received widespread attention on Chinese social media platforms, as reported by Reuters, Tuesday, March 28.