Exclusive, DKPP Chairman Heddy Lugito Emphasized That All Election Stages Have Been Carried Out

Attempts to postpone the implementation of the 2024 elections have occurred many times. Finally, the lawsuit was granted by the Prima Party at the Central Jakarta District Court. According to the Chairman of the General Election Organizer Honorary Council (DKPP) Heddy Lugito, until now DKPP, KPU, and Bawaslu have remained focused on the election stages in accordance with the mandate of Law No. 7 of 2017. Unless there has been an inkracht decision and regulations governing the postponement of elections.


The 2024 election is full of trials and challenges. The efforts of certain groups who want the 2024 election to be postponed have been echoed several times. Unmitigated political figures of the caliber of PKB Ketum Muhaimin Iskandar also voiced the postponement of the elections. This idea goes hand in hand with the suggestion that President Jokowi's term of office is extended, because after two terms leading Indonesia, he can no longer continue in office.

Not only Cak Imin, PAN chairman Zulkifli Hasan and Golkar Party chairman Airlangga Hartarto also agreed to the discourse on postponing the elections and extending the term of office with various arguments. One of them is the concern that economic growth will slow down.

But this step was strongly opposed by those who wanted the five-year political agenda to be carried out according to schedule. PDIP chairman Megawati Soekarnoputri strongly rejects postponing the elections. Many political observers also voiced a similar rejection. Students are no less passionate about refusing to hold demonstrations.

After various attempts to postpone the election seemed to have found a dead end, suddenly the lawsuit by the Prima Party at the Central Jakarta District Court, which felt they had been wronged during the verification process at the KPU, was granted. Get excited all over the country. One of the rulings was that the KPU was ordered to postpone the holding of the 2024 elections.

Then many people connect this lawsuit with a large flow of people who want to postpone the election. However, this was denied by Agus Jabo Priyono, General Chairman of the Prima Party. "We just want the Prima Party's political rights to be returned, we want to take part in the 2024 elections," said Agus, who was also surprised that the Central Jakarta District Court had granted his lawsuit to VOI.

For Heddy Lugito, as the organizer of the election, his party remains focused on the mandate of the Constitution and Law No. 7 of 2017 regarding the implementation of elections. “Before there were regulations or laws that determined the postponement of elections; DKPP, KPU, and Bawaslu will continue to carry out all statutory orders. The 1945 Constitution mandates that elections take place every 5 years. We are not influenced by the movement to postpone the election," he said to Edy Suherli, Savic Rabos, Rifai, and Irfan Medianto from VOI who met him at the DKPP office, in Jakarta recently. Here is the excerpt.

Election as a five-year political agenda, said the Chairman of LKPP, Heddy Lugito, is a mandate from the Constitution. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga VOI)

Not long ago we were surprised by the fact that the Prima Party's lawsuit was granted at the Central Jakarta District Court, one of the rulings regarding the postponement of the 2024 elections, how do you respond to this?

Regarding the granting of the Prima Party's lawsuit at the Central Jakarta District Court, where one of the rulings was to postpone the election, that is not the DKPP's domain to comment on. Our concern is the implementation of the election. In the implementation of elections, there are three institutions involved; KPU, Bawaslu, and DKPP.

We remain focused on carrying out the orders of the Constitution, and the currently valid laws Law No. 7 of 2017 and Perppu No. 1 of 2023 concerning the New Autonomous Region in Papua. Also its derivative regulations: KPU Regulations, Bawaslu Regulations, and DKPP Regulations. Everything has been scheduled in detail regarding the stages of the 2024 election.

Where are the election stages now?

Currently, Bawaslu recruited Panwascam, a month ago. Meanwhile, the KPU has recruited the Sub-district Executive Committee (PPK) two months ago. The KPU has also recruited members for the Regency/City level and the Provincial level. KPU is still updating voter data (coklit). This means that all stages of the 2024 election have been carried out according to the mandate of Law No. 7 of 2017. We are following and monitoring all of this.

Before there were regulations or laws that determined the postponement of elections; DKPP, KPU, and Bawaslu continue to carry out all the mandates of the existing law. The 1945 Constitution mandates that elections take place every 5 years. We are not influenced by the movement to postpone the election. We also don't have the competence to comment on the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court regarding the postponement of the election. Let the legal process run.

But there is a legally binding decision from the Central Jakarta District Court decision, what about this?

The verdict is not yet inkracht, let's wait. So far, the legislative and presidential elections will be held on February 24, 2024, and the simultaneous local elections on November 27, 2024. That is our guideline. Once again, as long as there are no other regulations regarding postponing elections, we are still focused on holding elections and regional elections.

DKPP, KPU, and Bawaslu, according to Heddy Lugito, have carried out the 2024 election stages. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga VOI)

Apart from going to the PN, the Prima Party is also suing the Bawaslu asking for re-verification. Will this affect the election stages?

It does not affect the stage of the election. The mandate is that the KPU is asked to re-verify, we are waiting for the results. Whether the Prima Party can participate in the election or not, the KPU will decide.

Is there anything that can delay the holding of elections?

So far there has been nothing that could delay the election. Except that the Central Jakarta District Court's decision is already inkracht.

The chairman of the Prima Party himself has emphasized that their purpose in suing is not to postpone the election, instead, they want to take part in the 2024 election. What's your response?

I think as a political party the main goal is to participate in elections and win. Whether the Prima Party can participate in the 2024 election will be determined by the KPU after re-verification.

The DKPP will only act if there are allegations of ethical violations when the KPU decides whether a party will participate or not participate in the election?

The DKPP is passive, only acting when someone complains. And we will try to ensure that no one violates ethics during the election process. If the KPU, Bawaslu and their staff have suspected violations, the public is welcome to report them to the DKPP.

So far, what complaints have been submitted to the DKPP?

So far, a total of 253 cases of complaints have been submitted to DKPP. Most of them are about the recruitment carried out by the KPU and Bawaslu. Those who don't pass KPP and Panwascam report the problem.

DKPP also summoned KPU chairman Hasyim Asy'ari in the case of a statement regarding proportional elections and reports from Hasnaini, how's the progress?

The first case has already been tried, early next month it's just a matter of reading the verdict. Meanwhile, the second case was immoral, so it was closed. Apart from complaining to the DKPP, he also complained to Polda Metro Jaya. And for this case, the status is SP3 (Warranty for Termination of Investigation). Because the trial is closed we can not provide information. Later when there is a new decision can be announced. So I can't comment on every case being handled. We'll wait for the results later.

How is the collaboration between DKPP, Bawaslu, and KPU to make the 2024 elections successful?

Three institutions; DKPP, Bawaslu, and KPU are tripartite election organizers. For joint activities we always hold tripartite meetings. For example, regarding the regulations issued by each institution, it must be coordinated in advance so that they do not conflict. Each works based on their main duties. KPU organizes elections, Bawaslu supervises administration, while DKPP oversees ethics.

The DKPP can only work if there are reports from the public regarding alleged violations of ethics by election organizers. What is your call for the public to have the courage to report this?

There is no need to teach people about the courage to report, there are 253 cases. We are overwhelmed to try it. Only 5 members of the DKPP tried plus one ex-officio from the KPU and Bawaslu each. What needs to be called upon is that the KPU and Bawaslu election organizers reach their ranks in the regions to maintain ethics, so that people have trust. To have high credibility both as an individual and as an institution.

The code of ethics for election organizers has been regulated rigidly, but there are always violations, whether intentional or unintentional. What are DKPP's efforts to minimize these violations?

We continue to socialize election organizers to comply with the Election Organizer Code of Ethics (KEPP). This year we will make an assessment for the Election Organizer Ethics Compliance Index (IKEPP). Later it will be measured how much the election organizers adhere to the code of ethics. We will make each province, which ones have a lot of violations and which have low violations. The lowest will be given an award while the most we will announce. So far, quantitatively, the most violations have been in Papua and North Sumatra. This is our concern.

Why are these two areas the most violations?

We will examine this matter more deeply. I can't answer scientifically, but it's a fact. Why Bali and Central Java have the fewest violations, I also cannot answer scientifically. My hypothesis is that in the two regions, they don't really want to make a fuss about allegations of violations of ethics by election organizers, on the contrary in the previous two provinces they were very open to reporting. They are more articulate in voicing their findings of alleged ethical violations. DKPP will oversee that the ethics of election organizers are upheld. We only control, not punish ethical violations.

Unique Cycling Activity by Heddy Lugito and Neighbors, to Rengasdengklok

Running and cycling regularly is the key to Heddy Lugito's health and fitness. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga VOI)

Sport is an important activity in Heddy Lugito's life. On the sidelines of his busy life as Chairman of the General Election Organizers Honorary Council (DKPP), he runs every day and cycling, on weekends or holidays. Not joking, the cycling that he did with his neighbors, was able to reach Rengasdengklok.

For Heddy, sport is a necessity to keep his body healthy and fit. Therefore, even though he is busy at work, he still finds time to move his body. "Every day I try to have sports. Before leaving for the office, I walk on the treadmill at home for at least 15 to 30 minutes," said the man who was born in Boyolali, Central Java, on July 5, 1960.

Especially on weekends or national holidays, Heddy provides a larger portion for sports activities. Incidentally, the neighborhood where he lives in a housing complex in East Bekasi also has a hobby of cycling.

"We chose the cycling route to villages in Bekasi, West Java, and its surroundings. Why go there because the air is relatively clean and the view of the countryside full of greenery is very refreshing," said Heddy who didn't want to join in with the cyclists who prefer to walk along the streets of the capital city.

The distance traveled once cycling far. From East Bekasi, Heddy and his bicycle group called Bike to Baik, can get to Jonggol, Mekarsari Fruit Park, Mount Pancar Sentul, and even Bogor. "Don't admit to being a cyclist if you haven't taken the track on Mount Pancar. The route continues uphill to the top. Anyway, it feels really good for those who have never been there," said Heddy who was positioned at the front when cycling by his club members.

Independence Day

At the moment of commemorating Indonesian Independence Day, Heddy Lugito and his friends cycled from Bulak Kapal Bekasi to Rengasdengklok. (Photo: Savic Rabos, IN: Raga VOI)

Heddy Lugito, who has pursued his profession as a journalist for Tempo Magazine after graduating from the Faculty of Letters, Diponegoro University, Semarang, has his own way with his neighbors in commemorating the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day. Heddy and 16 of her neighbors cycled from Bulak Kapal Bekasi to Rengasdeklok, West Java.

"Every August 16, 17 of us ride from Bulak Kapal to Rengasdengklok, the distance is 45 km. So we went home 90 km which took 8 hours. That is our way of commemorating the Republic of Indonesia's anniversary,” said the man whose journalistic career has shone even more after moving to Gatra magazine.

Rengasdengklok was chosen not without purpose. In this city Bung Karno and Bung Hatta were "kidnapped" by young fighters before finally proclaiming Indonesian Independence on August 17, 1945, in Jakarta.

Due to regular exercise, Heddy felt the benefits. Healthy and fit body. “Alhamdulillah, with regular exercise, I am healthy and fit. Last week I did a medical check-up, and the results thank God everything is safe. There are no spots in my lungs even though I smoke two packs a day,” said the man who once held the position of Chief Editor of Gatra Magazine and Director of Reporting at PT Era Media Informasi (Gatra Media Group).

To get prime health, Heddy not only does sport but also eats nutritious food regularly as the body needs it. "Eat enough and not overdo it, and get enough rest," said Heddy, who has a habit of having breakfast without rice in the morning. In a day he only eats rice during the day. Afternoon and night only eat fruit.

To maintain spiritual health, Heddy avoids stress and work pressure. "Although there is a lot of workload and cases at DKPP, don't make it a burden. Face it with relaxation and just enjoy it. Hard work is happily handled," said the man who had served as Commissioner in several companies such as PT Pelindo 3 and PT Sang Hyang Seri. The position was left after he entered DKPP.

Can't Get Away from the Newspaper

Because it was a habit, Heddy Lugito continued to read conventional newspapers as his habit in the morning. (Photo: Savic Rabos, DI: Raga VOI)

Even though he is no longer directly involved in the world of journalism, Heddy still occasionally takes the time to write opinions for several media outlets. "Last month I was still writing an opinion for Kompas Newspaper on the Ethics of Election Implementers," he said.

One more habit that Heddy Lugito never forgot was reading books, newspapers, magazines, and the like. “I can't do it in the morning if I don't read the newspaper. A newspaper in a conventional form, yes, not the one with a smartphone," he said, accompanied by laughter.

In the morning, continued Heddy, if you sip coffee without being accompanied by a conventional newspaper, something is missing. That's why he still subscribes to the newspaper to this day. "That's my habit before taking a shower, drinking coffee while reading the newspaper. Because it's a habit of being confused if you don't read the newspaper in the morning," he said.

When there are no newspapers, he must find a similar substitute. “If the newspaper isn't published, then drink coffee accompanied by reading a magazine. It's just something to read," he continued, grateful because his wife doesn't like to show off like the wives of today's officials.

One thing Heddy ordered, is for young people not to be lazy in studying. "In this world, there is no stupid person if he is not lazy to study. The key is to read and read anything that is useful, don't read hoax news," he emphasized.


In the current era of information overload, not all news circulating is true and useful. "We have to be able to select the information that comes, so we don't fall for it with hoaxes. Right now this is a tsunami of information, so it has to be sorted and selected so that it can be intellectually healthy," concluded Heddy Lugito.

"The decision of the Central Jakarta District Court has not yet been announced, we are just waiting. So far the legislative and presidential elections will be held on 24 February 2024 and the simultaneous regional elections on 27 November 2024. That is our guideline, as long as there are no other regulations regarding the postponement of elections, DKPP is still focused on implementing election and local elections,

Heddy Lugito