TVRI Natural Studio Inaugurated Mrs. Tien Suharto In Today's History, March 19, 1987

JAKARTA History today, 36 years ago, March 19, 1987, Siti Hartinah (Mrs. Tien Suharto) inaugurated the TVRI Natural Studio. The presence of Studio Alam is predicted to be a revolutionary step. A teaching to support the improvement of the quality of national films and TVRI programs.

Previously, the presence of TVRI was often used by the government as a liaison for government programs to the public. This role was even perpetuated by the power of the Old Order and used optimally during the New Order (Orba).

Television is the most powerful medium of propaganda. The narrative was agreed by President Soekarno. He felt that the presence of Jakarta as the host of the IV Asian Games in 1962 must be witnessed by all Indonesian people.

He did not want the Asian Games echo to be enjoyed by only limited groups. The initiation of presenting a national television station was born. The planning for the television station's presence was included in the agenda for the Asian Games IV development project since 1961.

TVRI also officially aired for the first time by holding an experiment to celebrate 17th Indonesian Independence and live broadcast of the opening of the Asian Games IV in 1962. The results were brilliant. TVRI then became a tool for the government to spread narratives of national development and other government programs.

The narrative did not change when the New Order replaced the power of the Old Order. Suharto also used the maximum of TVRI to spread the narrative of the success of the New Order. Moreover, TVRI is a kind of national stabilizer.

Moreover, TVRI was in the top of the wind by becoming the only television that had aired for years. Because, his rival only appeared in 1989.

In the historical document of the establishment of TVRI, the Soekarno Administration formulated the function of TVRI as a national development device, a revolutionary tool, and a tool for the formation of Indonesian socialist humans. Meanwhile, the New Order regime under Suharto explicitly describes TVRI's position as an effort to ensure its achievement successfully national development.

"The task of the mass media is to raise the spirit of service and struggle of the nation, consolidate national unity and unity, strengthen national identity and culture, and encourage community participation in development," said Agus Sudibyo in the book Political Economy of Broadcasting Media (2004).

This abundant potential is the reason the New Order is active in building TVRI facilities. The construction of the TVRI Natural Studio, for example. The development that took place in Depok City was carried out by the New Order since 1985 and completed in 1987.

The TVRI Alam Studio was inaugurated by Mrs. Tien Soeharto on March 19, 1987. Mrs. Tien, who at that time was in her capacity as First Lady, signed an inscription. Mrs. Tien hopes that TVRI's Natural Studio can be used by film people and of course by TVRI itself.

Mrs. Tien Soeharto, Thursday, March 19, 1987, inaugurated the TVRI Natural Studio in Sidoductti Village, Sukmajaya District, Depok, West Java, on land 30 ha at a cost of Rp. 100 million. Mrs. Tien was accompanied by the Minister of Information, Harmoko and the Director General of RTF (Radio, Television, Film), Soebrata, written in the book of the Second President of the Republic of Indonesia General H.M. Suharto in News 1987 (2008).