The Batutegi Dam Was Inaugurated By President Megawati Soekarnoputri In Today's Memory, March 8, 2004

JAKARTA Memories of today, 19 years ago, March 8, 2004, President Megawati Soekarnoputri inaugurated the Batutegi Dam in Tanggamus, Lampung. Megawati considers the presence of the Batutegi Dam as a lesson for the maintenance and preservation of clean water resources.

Previously, megawati's commitment to promoting the problem of national development was second to none. He even wants to harmonize the entire development coverage. From material physical development to spiritual development. Everything is for the sake of an advanced Indonesia.

Megawati Soekarnoputri's leadership as President of Indonesia was indeed short, but the impact was quite large. Mainly, in developing the concept of Indonesia's development. He considered Indonesia's development in the New Order (Orba) era to be superior.

However, New Order only adopts project paradigms that are not based on reality in the community. The people want what, the government wants what. There is no common ground. Megawati also tried to break it down. Bad New Order development methods began to be followed up, while the good ones continued.

Megawati began continuing the New Order stalled project which has a value of benefits. Even though the funds are limited because Indonesia is trying to get out of the impact of the 1998 economic crisis. Megawati then inflamed that any development was physical material to spiritual was grounded by looking at culture.

All of this was done to harmonize all existing developments in Indonesia with the value of benefits for the wider community. Alias is not only enjoyed by the rich and very rich. Development must have value to a clear concept. Not just getting up, or finished origin.

Paying attention to the condition of the nation that is facing a multidimensional crisis, especially based on the lack of attention to the ionization and character building. The very basic directive outlined by President Megawati is that development should make culture a guide.

"Development must be cultured, based on the values of Pancasila, TAP MPR, including Bung Karno's Trisila as the foundation for development in all areas known as Cultural Insight Development," said I Gede Ardika in the book The Brave Lady: Megawati in the Gotong Royong Cabinet Notes (2019).

The construction was then implemented in the completion of the Batutegi Dam Lampung project. The dam, which has been under construction since 1995, was able to be completed in the Megawati era in 2003.

The presence of the dam, which costs Rp920 billion, is considered a source of life and the economy for local residents. This is because its presence is predicted to be a source of water for 66,573 hectares of farmers at four points: Central Lampung, East Lampung, South Lampung, and Metro City.

As a result, Megawati inaugurated the Batutegi Dam on March 8, 2004. He also invited all attendees to guard the dam together. He conveyed the message in the hope that the dam could provide many benefits in the future.

Megawati also did not forget to thank 1,500 families who had to move because of the construction of the dam. A series of families inhabit 3,560 hectares of land in seven villages.

"Judging from the water discharge, the Batutegi Dam is the highest in Indonesia. I ask that the two rivers support the dam, Way Seputih and Way Sekampung, on guard," Megawati was quoted as saying on the Tempo page, March 8, 2004.