Police Shoot Dead Pregnant Woman Killer With 11 Stabs In Medan

MEDAN - Police shot dead the murderer of Fitriana (17) whose body was found in Medan Sunggal Subdistrict, Medan City, North Sumatra. Fitriana was found with 11 stab wounds to her body.

Dirkrimum Polda North Sumatra Kombes Tatan Dirsan Atmaja said that the suspect with the initials WD (31) was shot because he injured a member during development to look for evidence.

"Yesterday we arrested a suspect in the Labuhan Batu area. However, while looking for evidence, the suspect fought and injured the member. Then the members took firm and measured action by shooting the suspect," he said as quoted by Antara, Sunday, January 10.

The officers then took the suspect to the Bhayangkara Hospital in Medan for treatment. However, on arrival at the hospital, the suspect was pronounced dead.

"But on the way, the suspect's life was not saved," he said.

Previously, the body of Fitriana, a resident of Bireun, Aceh, was found on the evening of Tuesday, January 5. When found, this pregnant woman wore a black head scarf, dark blue shirt, and a reddish brown skirt.

From the results of the police crime scene, 11 stab wounds of sharp weapons were found on the victim's body.

Murder Motive

Kombes Tatan said the motive for the murder of Fitriana (17), whose body was found in Medan Sunggal Subdistrict with 11 stab wounds on her body, was because the suspect did not want to be responsible for the victim's pregnancy.

"So after the investigation was carried out, the suspect WD did not want to take responsibility because the victim was pregnant. We know this after we interrogated the suspect and saw the results of the conversation on WhatsApp between the suspect and the victim," he said.

The suspect has been in a relationship with the victim for about one year.

"So the victim was pregnant aged three to four months. The victim asked for responsibility," he said.

Not only did Fitriana murder, Tatan said the suspect also assaulted the man with the initials IM on Jalan Nibung Medan on Tuesday, January 5 evening. As a result, the IM victim suffered 10 stabs all over his body. In fact, the victim's hand almost broke off.

"After killing the victim Fitriana, the suspect then met IM's friend and abused him. The suspect was jealous of IM because he was close to his girlfriend," he said.