Lemkapi On Action 1812: If You Can Still Be Reprimanded, There Is No Need For Violence When Controlling

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Police Institute for Strategic Studies (Lemkapi) suggested that the security that the National Police carried out regarding the 1812 demonstration should not use force. All problems that occur in the field must be resolved peacefully.

"If they can still be reprimanded and reminded. The National Police does not need to make violent efforts to control the masses," said Edi Hasibuan, Executive Director of the Institute for Research of Lemkapi to VOI, Friday, December 18.

The National Police has implemented a persuasive pattern to deal with the mass action. This aims to avoid clashes.

Even though the National Police has also issued an ultimatum to take firm action against the masses who continue to hold actions. The goal is to prevent crowds that only have an impact on increasing the spread of COVID-19.

"The National Police asked all parties not to have a crowd to prevent COVID-19. We see that COVID-19 has become increasingly difficult to control recently," he said.

"The National Police asked the public not to need a demonstration. It was enough that representatives came and did not need to crowd out to convey their aspirations," he continued.

Meanwhile, the community, said Edy, was also asked to adhere to the existing regulations. Because, the current condition is included in the COVID-19 Pandemic which is very dangerous for the wider community.

"As a community, we must also care. The residents are not obedient to implementing health protocols," he said.

A number of elements of society who are members of the Anti-Communist National Alliance (ANAK) NKRI held demonstrations around the State Palace. They demanded the release of Rizieq Shihab, who is currently detained in connection with the alleged case of sedition and violation of health protocols.

A total of 12,500 joint personnel from the TNI-Polri, and the Regional Government (Pemda) of DKI Jakarta were deployed to guard the 1812 demonstration around the State Palace, Central Jakarta.

However, 5,000 joint personnel were deployed. Meanwhile, the remaining 7,500 were alerted to face uncontrollable situations.