Jusuf Kalla: Pandemic Conditions Make CEO Leadership The Same Way

JAKARTA - The unpredictable condition of the pandemic when it will end has made the leadership of the CEO, President Director, President Director no longer able to use the same method. A new era of leadership must emerge from each business leader in order to accelerate the economic recovery of companies and countries.

This was agreed by the 10th and 12th Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla. According to JK, carefulness, strong knowledge from CEOs is needed to find out what needs to be done today.

JK reminded that company leaders need to immediately change their strategy towards recovery. From this change in strategy, at least 50 percent of the company's condition will recover in 2021. This optimism is strengthened by the presence of a vaccine that will be distributed.

"Changing the strategy for recovery, preparing. With the hope that next year we may be able to recover 50 percent than before, in 2022 it can return to normal, the same as in 2019 before this COVID," said JK while giving a keynote speech at the e-awarding " Indonesia Most Admired CEO 2020 ", which was held online by Warta Ekonomi, Friday 18 December.

Through this recovery strategy, it is hoped that the company can continue to run, employees who were previously forced to experience layoffs (PHK) can be empowered again, and ultimately be able to increase people's purchasing power again.

"Because that's the only thing that can bring the economy back to recovery. Because everyone is optimistic, everyone works, but of course it takes a leader who knows the problem," said JK.

Deputy Chairman of the MPR RI, Fadel Muhammad said that 60 percent of companies can grow well if the existing CEO is able to make various changes. This, said Fadel, was revealed from various research results.

"Changes in a company, from existing research show that 70 percent are made by a CEO. From the various existing study data, we choose several CEO friends, and we hope this can be a trigger for those who are more advanced, and those who have not. (chosen as the award recipient) could be better in the future, "he said.

Fadel added, apart from the CEO who brought changes, the existence of vaccines could also raise hopes for future improvements.

"The vaccines that we will use in Indonesia, as our talks from the MPR with the president will begin, and in several countries it has begun to be implemented. Thus, overall our expectations are that we are getting better, healthier, and our economy will grow. "he concluded.