Lathi To Watch, YouTube Videos Most Viewed By Indonesian Viewers In 2020

JAKARTA - Various video content has trended on YouTube Indonesia throughout 2020. Starting from the music video for "Lathi" from Weird Genius, the journey of Bu Tedjo and other mothers in the short film "Tilik" to become top trending in Indonesia.

"This year's top trending videos show how content creators can quickly adapt to the unexpected challenges in 2020, and even contribute to and help their communities," said YouTube Indonesia in a statement, Monday, December 14.

"For the first time this year, we are not only releasing top trending videos on YouTube, but also celebrating 'Top Creators' and 'Top Breakthrough Creators', which have seen tremendous growth in their number of subscribers," he added.

In addition to entertainment content, a video advertisement for public services from the Indonesian Ministry of Health entitled "Let's Protect Indonesia's Families and Nation by Preventing COVID-19 Transmission!" around health protocols is one of the trending content this year.

YouTube continued, the Indonesian people continued to show interest and support for local artists this year.

From the confession entitled "Los Dol" by Denny Caknan, to the captivating song "Lathi" and his music video by Weird Genius ft. Sara Fajira, which combines Indonesian voices and culture in a modern and unique way.

Not to forget, K-pop and BLINK fans, who were entertained by BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" music.

Apart from that, YouTube Indonesia is also celebrating 'Top Creators' and 'Top Breakout Creators', which are content creators who have seen tremendous growth in their number of subscribers.

Some of the Top Creators this year include Jess No Limit, Baim Paula, Frost Diamond, Rans Entertainment, Deddy Corbuzier, Atta Halilintar, to Ricis Official.

Meanwhile, some of the Top Breakout Creators include Jess No Limit, efdewe, Gritte Agatha, BUDI01 GAMING, to Rizky Billar.