Under The Guise Of Educational Content, Nude Yoga Videos Appear Again On YouTube

JAKARTA - The trend of nude yoga is back on YouTube. To avoid violating YouTube's nudity guidelines, content creators label the videos 'educational'.

In the past two months at least 20 videos of women practicing yoga without clothes appearing on YouTube.

The explicit content is uploaded to accounts with channel names such as Naked Yoga School and Naked Yoga Club.

This nude yoga has caused quite a stir on the site and Twitter, where one person commented: "Someone told me to search for nude yoga on YouTube and I couldn't stop laughing."

Others have questioned how nudity has gotten past YouTube's very strict sexual content and nudity policies, reports Insiders.

YouTube's guidelines state: "Posting pornography may result in content removal or channel termination, explicit content intended to provide sexual gratification is not permitted on YouTube.

"Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted. In most cases, fetishes that contain violence, vulgarity, or embarrassment are not allowed on YouTube."

The videos are uploaded to websites with simple titles related to yoga practice, but often have explicit thumbnails.

In some cases, some thumbnails feature close-up photos of genitals, or pornographic footage that doesn't actually have anything to do with nude yoga.

According to Insider, one of the videos on the website had 13 million views.

The publications claim some of the channels are fake with other videos being circumvented to avoid violating YouTube's nudity guidelines.

For example, Insider said one video has a watermark for an adult site and shows a young woman bending over and slowly removing all of her clothes.