Finally We Know How Tarot Helps Many People's Problems

JAKARTA - The heat of Jakarta this afternoon did not prevent us from moving to M Bloc Space, South Jakarta. We deliberately came to visit the tarot card reading service that is being held there. We're curious. Is it true that this tarot has anything to do with mystical things? Or is tarot actually a science that can be learned?

"I'm Jose. Come on, have a seat," said a 34-year-old man in a white shirt who greeted us with a helping hand.

We met Jose at the Suwe Ora Jamu shop. In that place, the manager is holding a garage sale on the second floor of the building. Jose and his card reading service are one of the offerings they offer. Before welcoming us, Jose the tarot card reader or tarot reader first serves a client.

We watched, the client seemed to consult about many things to Jose. 15 minutes later, Jose's helping hand greeted us. Before starting the tarot reading session, we had time to talk about several things. About the tariff, for example. Jose said he set a rate of IDR 50,000 for one consultation session.

"One time the topic of the question (the fee is) IDR 50,000, for example, romance or career," he said at M Bloc Space, Blok M, South Jakarta, Sunday, November 17.

Jose read out the tarot cards we took

We started our tarot reading consultation session. Jose raised a deck of cards that was face down on a table on a purple fur carpet and asked us to shake it up. After that, Jose asked us to take a card. Jose smiled at our card, before returning to ask us to take another three cards.

After the last three cards we chose, Jose began to explain one by one the problems he predicted would happen to us in the future. About career, especially. To be honest, the tarot reading session with Jose felt a lot more like consulting a psychologist. Psychologists who are gifted with some future reading skills, perhaps.

This feeling also provoked a new topic for our conversation. About how Jose started life as a tarot reader. After ten minutes Jose explained the relationship between the three cards we picked up and the pace of our careers going forward, he explained how he started learning how to read tarot cards.

Not a mystical matter

On a daily basis, Jose works as a private employee at a startup company. Learning how to read tarot cards he started four years ago. Since then, he has continued to hone his craft. Since then Jose has been active in the Jakarta Tarot Community, a forum for Jose and other tarot readers. The Jakarta Tarot Community used to hold their routine activities at the Suwe Ora Jamu Petogogan Café.

According to Jose, many are mistaken about tarot cards. Instead of having to do with mystical matters, according to Jose, tarot can be learned through various literacies and knowledge. Books and the internet are sufficient to replace spirits and various offerings. And as we thought. Reading tarot is actually going through a counseling session. Tarot is a medium for exchanging stories and thoughts.

Tarot card reading session equipment

"We are not mystical. We have literacy, there are books, there are lines. So if someone says tarot readers are mystical, who says? There are lots of books for sale too. And you can search anywhere," he said while tidying up the cards he finished. read.

This mistake of understanding tarot cards made him often treated as a real fortune teller. Jose admits that he often gets questions about matchmaking, the fate of romance, and various other things that have not been seen - because it is still a mystery of the future - and actually depends on the efforts of each individual.

Counseling media

Even though he did not study as a psychologist, this man who worked as an architect fell in love with what he was doing with his tarot card pile. According to him, through tarot cards he can help many people's problems. Does not mean being a problem solver. However, tarot cards succeeded in placing him as a great listener and giver of input to others.

"Someone said, 'I want a divorce.' Finally, after we talked, he didn't become a divorce and tried to fight for his marriage again ... I became a friend to chat with other people using the media card," Jose with a smile on his face.

Jose said, people who come to him often already know the problems that might occur to them. Then, why do these people keep coming to Jose? According to him, this happens because basically everyone needs affirmation or at least a friend to hear their concerns. And in general, this happens to all of us.

With that affirmation, usually people will be more willing to make decisions. "They are comfortable because I don't know their problem. But, I can open via card. So, after that, they can be sure to make a decision," said Jose.

Tarot card reading session with Jose

So, it's clear. Tarot is not a front reading medium, but a medium to help someone avoid wrong decisions. The trick, not by prediction. But rather by analyzing the problems together and discussing the best solution. So there is absolutely no guarantee that a tarot reading session will guarantee what happens to someone in the future.

"This card is a clue. For example, if someone got the 'ten of swords'. Then I can ask, 'What kind of burden do you have? Because in this card you seem to have a very heavy burden on your head. What's the problem?' So with this card, I actually found out what problem my client is, "he said.

An interesting thing was revealed by Jose at the end of our chat. He said, every time he started a tarot reading session, Jose always conveyed important philosophies to be instilled in each of his clients.

You have to fight so that you know what decisions you have to make in this life.