Apple Makes 32 Core Processor For Macbook

JAKARTA - Apple seems not satisfied with the development of its newest processor line. Now they are reportedly working on a new ARM processor that has 32 cores for Mac devices with High-End Desktop (HEDT) specifications.

In addition, Apple is also said to be designing a CPU that has 16 fast cores and 4 power-efficient cores, which are aimed at the new MacBook Pro and iMac. This processor is likely to be present in early 2021.

The new Apple Silicon will also have a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) with more cores than the M1 chipset. Even Apple is said to be testing GPUs with 16, 32, and allowing up to 128 cores.

Most likely, Apple Silicon will present a CPU and GPU chipset that is faster than its previous model. Considering the performance of the M1 which only has 4 cores, this is more than enough.

Of course, with the development of Apple Silicon, the Cupertino-based giant really wants to challenge Intel, AMD and NVIDIA's chances. Moreover, Apple has released several Mac products with the M1 chipset that have fast performance and save power.

However, it is currently unknown when Apple will start announcing the presence of their new chipset. Moreover, the transition period of Intel processors to Apple Silicon will still last for the next two years. So quoted from Wccftech, Tuesday, December 8.