Prices For Personal Data Are Not As Cheap As Those Traded On The Dark Web

JAKARTA - The leak of personal data was not without cause. This is because every personal data that is being traded has its own price and benefits.

So what is the price for any personal information and data leaked on the darkweb or hacker forums? According to Kaspersky cybersecurity researcher Dmitry Galov, the price of personal information or data on the internet starts at 50 cents (US $ 0.5) around Rp. 7 thousand.

"In recent years many areas of our lives have become digital - and some of them, such as our medical data including personal information. This creates more data leak risk for users," said Dmitry, in his statement, Monday, December 7. .

Although it is relatively cheap, if the personal data is used by the wrong party, it will certainly cause greater losses. Even from his analysis, 1 in 10 international hackers forums are trading data and information on internet platforms.

According to Dmitry, hackers are very interested in some personal information such as credit card data and banking access. The price for this identification document can be up to 40 US dollars or around Rp.566 thousand.

Data and informational documents sold on the black market can be used for extortion, fraud execution and phishing schemes, to outright theft of money.

Certain types of data, such as access to personal accounts or password databases, can be misused not only for financial gain, but also for reputational loss and other types of social harm, including doxing.

"This doesn't mean that we have to delete and close our social media accounts, of course. It's all about understanding the potential consequences and risks and preparing appropriately for them," said Dmitry.

To minimize the risk of your personal information being stolen, Kaspersky recommends always being aware of phishing emails and websites. Always check the permission settings on the application used, to minimize the possibility of data being shared or stored by third parties without their knowledge.

"The best course of action with your data is: know what they know, delete what you can, and control the information about you online. It's that simple, but it takes effort," he added.

Furthermore, using two-factor authentication, provided that using an application that generates a one-time code is much safer than receiving a second factor via SMS. Lastly, always consider content that is shared online, whether the content can be abused by others or not.

The following is a price list for personal data that Kaspersky has collected from a number of hacker forums and darkwebs.

Credit card details: US $ 6-20 (around IDR 85,000 - IDR 284,000)

SIM scan: US $ 5-25,000 (around IDR 71,000 - IDR 355,000)

Passport Scan: 6-15 US dollars (around Rp.85,000 - Rp.213,000)

Subscription service: US $ 0.5-8 (around Rp. 7,100 - Rp. 114 thousand)

ID (name, date of birth, email, mobile): 0.5-10 US dollars (around Rp.7,100 - Rp142 thousand)

Selfie with documents (passport, driver's license): US $ 40-60 (around Rp.568 thousand - Rp.852 thousand)

Medical records: 1-30 US dollars (around Rp.14 thousand - Rp.426 thousand)

Online banking account: 1-10 percent of value

Paypal account: 50-500 US dollars (around Rp.710 thousand - Rp7.1 million)