Memoran Keberangan Terdakwa Ferdy Sambo: Kronologi Pada 8 Juli 2022, Order Hajar Malak Jadi Tembak

On July 8, 2022, Ferdy Sambo (FS) who was already in Jakarta arrived at Saguling House at 15.28 WIB for an antigen swab and continued to complete work in his office. Twelve minutes later, Magelang's entourage arrived.

Putri Candrawathi (PC) met FS and told about what happened to her at the Magelang House. FS cried and was depressed because of her dignity and pride had been undermined by her aide, Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat (Yosua).

At 16.24 WIB, FS summoned Ricky Rizal (RR) to the 3rd floor to confirm and ask about the incident at the Magelang House. RR only knew about the commotion between Strong Ma'ruf (KM) and Yosua.

FS then told RR what his wife had experienced who had been harassed by Yosua. Then asked him to back up and secure it if there was resistance by Yosua. Because, FS intends to directly confirm the harassment that occurred to the person concerned.

However, RR was not willing. FS then asked RR to call RE.

According to the team of attorneys for the defendant FS, there is a difference in the chronology of events that occurred at the Saguling House between the defendant's defense and the indictment of the Public Prosecutor.

The FS legal team compiled the chronology of events based on the Minutes of Investigation (BAP) Ferdy Sambo and the BAP of several other witnesses, namely PC, Richard totaling (RE), RR, Susi, and KM, "said the FS legal team in the trial of the Yosua death case at the South Jakarta District Court, Monday (17/10).

Then, at around 17.06 WIB, PC asked RR to deliver him to self-isolation at the Duren Tiga Complex while waiting for the results of the previous swab.

The PC did not know and never asked Joshua to come to Duren Tiga's house, said the legal team.

Before conducting isolation, PC reminded FS to keep the promise to play badminton with one of the top officials and a former official at the National Police Headquarters. PC also requested that FS's desire to confirm the incident in Magelang directly to Yosua be postponed after badminton activities.

Not long ago, FS also prepared to go badminton to Depok with Prayogi, Adzan Romer, and Patwal officers. However, when passing through Duren Tiga's House, FS, who was still angry, shaken, uneasy, and stressed over what happened to his wife suddenly asked the driver to postpone his vehicle after passing through Duren Tiga's House.

In a hurry to get out of the car, FS accidentally dropped his Wilson Combat 45 caliber pistol. Then, FS immediately entered Duren Tiga House at around 17.10 WIB.

FS called RE and KM who were on the 2nd floor down and gathered near the first floor mekan table. FS also ordered KM to call RR and Yosua who were outside the house to go inside.

After gathering, FS immediately asked Yosua, "Why can you be rude to me?"

"Proud to what Commander?" answered Yosua.

FS replied, "You are rude to Mother." Yosua in a challenging tone replied again, "What's wrong Commander?"

Responding to Yosua's answer, FS spontaneously ordered RE, Raise Chad!

RE then fired several shots at Yosua using a black Clock 17 weapon.

FS was shocked and panicked because his order was not to shoot, but RE actually shot Yosua until he fell face down beside the front stairs of the warehouse. FS then spontaneously took the HS type weapon behind Yosua's back and fired several shots at the wall.

After that, he returned to put the weapon beside Yosua's body. Then, asked for an ambulance to be brought in immediately so that Yosua would receive help.

FS' spontaneous action carried out the shooting against the wall because he thought of protecting and saving RE from murder charges. FS, who was confused, felt that by making a story as if there was a shootout, later RE could escape the legal process," said the legal team.

The legal team also emphasized that the engineering carried out by FS was not carried out on the 3rd floor of the Saguling House as in the Public Prosecutor's indictment, but in the examination room of the Provost Bureau on the 3rd floor.

At 22.20 WIB to be precise, FS spoke with RE RR, and KM to explain the scenario that must be conveyed to investigators as a series of stories to save RE. FS conveyed to the three regarding the chronology of the incident.

That story was also conveyed to everyone including its supreme leader. FS then also ordered some people to destroy the existing CCTV, "FS attorney continued.

However, the truth will always appear in time. The story of a shootout compiled by FS collapsed. FS realized that. His soul is always haunted by guilt for not telling what happened.

Harkat and his dignity as a husband and head of the family were removed for what Yosua did to his wife. In fact, FS treats Yosua and his family well like any other aide. But the reply received was the opposite.

Nasi has become porridge, the situation has become chaotic. The image of the institution where he served for no less than 28 years has been tarnished. Many innocent people also became victims of the story he made.

FS realized he had to be held accountable through the current legal process.

"To the Timsus formed by the National Police Chief and also to Komnas HAM including investigators, he has told the incident he experienced. FS has also asked all witnesses to say what it is and to be honest," said FS' attorney.

"However, FS regrets why RE did not provide honest information although he understands RE may be very worried about losing his job and also a heavy burden due to the shooting incident," the attorney stressed.

The following is the chronology of events conveyed by the FS legal team:

Phase 1 Magelang House

Saguling House

Duren Tiga House

Phase II of Engineering or Scenario

Phase III of Law Enforcement

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