Defendant Ferdy Sambo's Defendant's Defendance: Chronology When Yosua Harasses Putri Candrawathi

Putri Candrawathi (PC) went to Magelang to take her son, Tribatra Putra Sambo, back to school in Taruna Nusantara. PC departed on July 2, 2022 from Jakarta with Richard totaling (RE), Ricky Rizal (RR), Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat (Yosua), Strong Ma'ruf (KM), and Susi as household assistants.

Meanwhile, PC's husband, Ferdy Sambo (FS) followed Magelang's house the next day accompanied by Daden's aide. After taking his son, FS and Daden continued to attend the Bhayangkara Anniversary at the Semarang Police Academy. Meanwhile, PCs with Yosua and Susi returned to Magelang's house.

On July 4, 2022 night on the 1st floor of Magelang's house, PC had a headache and was not feeling well. Suddenly, Yosua intended to put a PC on the sofa while watching TV in room 2. However, PC brushed off Yosua's intentions.

Seeing that, KM reprimanded Yosua, Who are you?

Yosua came out and invited RE to bring back PC. The intention was again rejected by PC. KM again reprimanded, "No one raised the mother."

Yosua looked annoyed and left Magelang's house.

According to the team of attorneys for the defendant FS, this incident became a sequence of facts that could not be separated from the examination of the trial case of the death of Yosua.

Then, during the trial at the South Jakarta District Court, Monday (17/10), the legal team resumed the chronology of the events that occurred next.

"The chronology of events was prepared based on the Minutes of Investigation (BAP) of Ferdy Sambo and the BAP of several other witnesses, namely Putri Candrawathi, Richard wareh, Ricky Rizal, Susi, and Strong Maruf," said the FS legal team.

In the early hours of the morning, FS and PC celebrated their 22nd wedding with RR, RE, Deden, Susi, KM, and one of the friends of the defendant PC. The birthday celebration event lasted until Fuh. FS then left for Jakarta at 05.00 WIB with Daden on a plane.

In the afternoon, RR and RE delivered some items and food to the Taruna Nusantara school dormitory. Departing from Magelang's house at around 17.30 WIB using a car. So, only Yosua, PC, Susi, and KM are in Magelang House at around 17.30 WIB, only Yosua, PC, Susi, and KM.

At around 18.00 WIB, the PC who was sleeping in his room woke up hearing the glass door of his room open (the glass door was the door that gave the upper partition between the stairs and the 2nd floor) and found Yosua was in the room, the legal team continued.

Without saying anything, Yosua committed sexual violence by forcibly taking off PC clothes. PC tried to rebel but was helpless because his hands were held by Yosua, his condition was still experiencing headaches. PCs cry in fear

Suddenly there was someone who wanted to climb the 2nd floor of Magelang's house, Yosua panicked and wore PC clothes that were previously forcibly removed by Yosua, saying, "Please ma'am, please ma'am."

Then, Yosua closed the white wooden door and forced the PC to stand up to prevent the person who would climb to the 2nd floor of the Magelang House. However, PC refused by holding his body.

Then, Yosua slammed the PC onto the bed and again forced the PC to stand up and threaten, Be aware if you tell Ferdy Sambo, I will shoot you, Ferdy Sambo, and your children.

PC is helpless and unable to stand up, Yosua again slammed the PC onto the bed and then forced the PC back to stand in front of it and forced it out of the room.

On purpose, PC hit a pile of plastic clothes to make a sound and kicked a leg at the door in the hope that someone heard it.

"Unfortunately, no one can approach the source of the vote," continued FS's attorney.

KM, who was smoking on the front terrace of the house window, accidentally saw Yosua come down deposited. According to KM, this is unnatural because aides are not allowed to go up to the 2nd floor carelessly or without permission.

In addition, Yosua's behavior descended the stairs without being unusual, suspicious. KM then approached Yosua. Then, Yosua actually ran away as if avoiding. While trying to catch up, KM told Susi to check the PC in her room.

Susi found the PC lying on its back in front of the bathroom. PC condition was helpless and almost fainted. After that, KM was on guard in front of the 1st floor ladder to prevent Yosua from suddenly climbing back up to the PC room on the 2nd floor.

At around 19.00 WIB, RE and RR returned to Magelang's house because previously they had been contacted by PC. Arriving at the Magelang House, RR and RE found PC crying in his room and asking what happened. However, PC did not provide any explanation.

PC then asked RR to call KM and calm him so that there would be no commotion between KM and Yosua.

"Mother must report you so that you don't become a thorn in your mother's household," said KM to PC.

The PC then asked RR to call Yosua. RR goes down to the 1st floor and calls Yosua while asking, "What's going on Yos?"

"I don't know, bro, why are you so angry with me?" Yosua replied.

Next RR took Joshua to the PC room and waited near the door to prevent a commotion. PC told Yosua, "I forgive you the heinous image against me. But I ask you to resign."

Then Yosua left the room crying and came down with RR.

Around midnight, PC then whispered to call FS while crying. PC is scared and wants to return to Jakarta soon because Yosua is rude to him.

FS mendesak menceritakan apa yang terjadi, tapi PC mengatakan sebaiknya saja setelah tiba di Jakarta. PC khawatir keselamatannya dan tidak ingin adanya kejadian buruk terjadi lagi kepada anggota lainnya.

FS also wants to return to Magelang, but PC prevented it and asked FS not to contact the aide.

"Given that the previous PC was threatened by Yosua not to tell what happened plus Yosua's big posture compared to the other aides, PCs are very worried about the safety of everyone other than themselves," said the legal team reading the chronology of events in the objection note.

As a mother and a woman, what Yosua did was a major blow to PCs. It is difficult for him to tell anyone about the incident because other people who hear it will consider it a disgrace. Moreover, if you report to the local police, more and more people will know.

PC is also worried that her husband will be affected if many people know what happened to her. It could be used as material for dealing with her family.

PC at the same time experiences chaos of feelings. The burden of thoughts piled up erratically as well as in shock, because PC never thought that Yosua, who had been considered like a child and had become part of the family, had the heart to do that to him, "the legal team told the story.