The Public Prosecutor's Indictment At The Ferdy Sambo Session: Request To Hendra Kurniawan

JAKARTA - After carrying out his action against Yosua on July 8, 2022, the defendant Ferdy Sambo (FS) at around 17.22 WIB contacted the Karopaminal Div Propam Polri Hendra Kurniawan (HK) asking him to come to Duren Tiga. HK arrived at around 19.15 WIB and immediately met FS.

What happened, bro? Ask HK to FS.

"There was harassment against your Mbak," replied FS.

Then FS continued the story, 'Mbak' you screamed at the time of the incident, then Yosua panicked and came out of the PC room at the scene because it was caught by RE. It turned out that Yosua reacted spontaneously to shoot. RE, who stood on the 2nd floor ladder, returned fire until there was a shootout at each other which resulted in Yosua dying at the scene.

The Public Prosecutor explained that the indictment was in Ferdy Sambo's first trial in the alleged premeditated murder case against Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat (Yosua) at the South Jakarta District Court, Monday (17/10).

This is the story that FS engineered and then told HK. After it was finished, HK followed up by meeting Benny Ali as Karo Provos Div Propam Polri who had arrived before sunset with Susanto Kabaggakum RO Provos Divpropam," said the Public Prosecutor.

"What kind of harassment," asked HK to Benny Ali who then explained that he had met Putri Candrawathi (PC), FS's wife at the Saguling House.

Based on the PC story, Benny said that it was true that PC harassment had occurred while resting in his room. At the time of the incident, the PC was wearing a shorts bed.

Yosua entered the PC room and felt his thigh until the PC's genitals. Then the PC woke up and was shocked while screaming. Yosua panicked and then pointed a firearm while strangling the neck and forcing PC to unbutton the shirt.

PC shouted hysterically, then Yosua panicked and left the room, and met RE, who then opened fire, Benny replied to HK.

HK saw the condition of Yosua's body which was under the stairs, and soon after, at around 19.30 WIB the ambulance arrived and then the body was evacuated to the Kramat Jati Police Hospital which was escorted by Susanto. HK then with Benny Ali returned to the Police Headquarters Propam Division office.

During his trip to the office, HK called Harun to contact Agus Nurpatra (Kaden A of the Paminal Bureau of the Propam Police Division) to ask him to come to the Div Propam office. The goal is to clarify the truth of the incident at the FS official residence.

Arriving at the office at 20.05 WIB, Agus Nurpatra had arrived first. HK then clarified to Richard total (RE), Ricky Rizal (RR), and Strong Maruf (KM) who were already there.

"Essentially they explained and confirmed in accordance with the story that had been discenarioted by the previous FS defendant regarding the shooting at the Duren Tiga official residence," said the Public Prosecutor.

Furthermore, at 22.00 WIB, HK this time together with FS returned to the Provos bureau room on the 3rd floor and immediately met RR, RE, and KM to convey and equalize ideas according to the scenario that had been made previously for what happened to Yosua.

After that FS again called HK, Benny Ali, Agus Nurpatra and Harun.

"This is a matter of self-respect, it's useless to have a position and rank of 2 stars if the dignity and honor of the family are destroyed because of the behavior of Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat," said FS, read by the Public Prosecutor.

FS juga mengaku sudah melaporkan ke pimpinannya. pertanyaan pimpinan cuma satu, Kamu nembak enggak Mbo?

"Ready, not general. If I shoot why should I be inside the house, I will definitely finish it outside. If I shoot, it could break his head, it breaks because my handle gun is 45 caliber," replied FS.

To HK, Benny Ali, and Agus Nurpatra, FS asked that the matter be processed as it was in accordance with the incident at the TKP, witness testimony, and evidence that was secured. For the incident in Magelang, there is no need to question, departing from the incident in Duren Tiga, it's better to handle the follow-up in Paminal only.

On July 9 at 7.30 WIB, FS again contacted HK and said, "Bro is for examination for witnesses by southern investigators at the bro's place, so there's no noise because this involves your Mbak, the problem of harassment and please check the CCTV complex".

Then, on July 10, 2022, when FS was in the work room of Rumah Saguling using Hady talky, he called Ricky Rizal (RR), Richard total (RE), and Strong Maruf (KM) up to the 2nd floor. They met FS who was with PC.

Then FS gave a white envelope containing a foreign currency in the form of dollars to RR, KMI with a value of IDR 500 million each. Meanwhile, RE, the nominal is larger, equivalent to IDR 1 billion. However, the envelope was taken back by FS with the promise that it would be submitted in August 2022 if conditions were safe.

FS then gave the iPhone 13 as a gift from an old cellphone that had been damaged or removed so that the communication traces of the incident took Yosua's life from being detected. The PC also thanked the three of them.

RR, RE, and KM are fully aware and do not refuse the giving of cellphones and money promised by FS and PC which are a sign of gratitude because the three were involved in taking the lives of Yosua, The Public Prosecutor emphasized.