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We find out the complexity of the problem of vitality among users of strong drugs through the article "Map of the Problem of Vitality among Users of Strong Medicines". Part of VOI's signature Series, "Strong with Drugs". Through this article, we will explore the reasons as well as see the suggestive properties of using strong drugs.

The unidentified man was wearing a white t-shirt with cream colored shorts. He was enjoying coffee when we chatted with a strong medicine seller in the Mangga Besar area, Central Jakarta. "Just brush, sir. That's good," he said, Thursday night, January 9.

We didn't respond. Likewise the merchant whom we missed asking his name. He didn't flinch. We ended our chat with the guard at the strong medicine shop number 77 by buying a magic tissue. Afterward, we visited the stranger, asking about his experience using strong drugs. Honey, in vain. "Never before, sir. For me, (vitality) is fine," he said.

A few days before our trip to Mangga Besar, we chatted with an old friend, Jimi - not his real name - who claimed to have experienced 'addiction' to using strong drugs. Addiction which also made him give up.

Jimi experienced strong drug addiction since we were both in college. Jimi's sexual experience, perhaps it should be admitted, is indeed much richer than ours. Jimi is the friend who locks his boarding room the most, and we know a woman is in there. He is not a person who likes to change partners. However, we know that sexual activity with his girlfriend at that time was very intense.

In those days, Jimi used all kinds of boosters, from drugs to topical creams. There is no specific oral drug brand that Jimi uses, although he admits that Viagra is his main choice. "Viagra, really. Use another several times. Cialis. Or other brands whose price is not far from Cialis," said Jimi.

Types of strong medicine brands (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

About the reaction to using Viagra, Jimi knows very well. He explained that he could feel the erection effect of using Viagra within ten to 15 minutes from swallowing one pill. That reaction was only the beginning. Within a period of 30 minutes to an hour, Jimi can feel an increase in erectile reactions and libido in increasing levels. With strong medicine, Jimi is much more 'mighty'. He admitted that he could act in bed for up to 30 minutes with a penetration rate of 80 percent.

According to Jimi, the effects of strong drugs will fade away after four hours. Step by step until the side effects are left behind. The first effect, of course, is a long and periodic erection. Jimi admitted, the Blue Pill still worked several times even though it had passed ten hours since he was swallowed. Others, the side effects of strong drugs that Jimi had experienced were headaches and insomnia.

"The record seems to be ten hours. Anyway, since when has it been used, the effect is still there. And it was several times," said Jimi.

Tired of using oral medicine, Jimi had switched to using the Hajar Jahanam topical medicine. With Hajar Jahanam, Jimi was getting worse. He is no longer afraid of the side effects of drinking drugs. However, according to Jimi, using topical cream actually numbed his genitals. He no longer feels the pleasure of touch when having sex.

However, fart care. Sex, for Jimi is much more than enjoyable. Jimi is used to being a ruler. Power that he will not leave. Jimi's point of giving up was when he had abrasions on the penis. "Yes, you can. I'm like that (scratched)," said Jimi.

Power of suggestion

Jimi's experience and his addiction to strong drugs shows the strong influence of suggestion in the use of strong drugs. Sexual psychologist Zoya Amirin agrees with that. According to Zoya, there is a fundamental problem that occurs in many men: restlessness.

"This anxiety makes men feel weak. However, men who are boro-boro look weak. You don't want to feel weak," said Zoya when met by VOI in Jakarta some time ago.

That uneasiness prompts many men to look for strong drugs as a shortcut to meeting their own suggestive standards. Apart from suggestive urges, there are biological factors that often encourage men to use strong drugs. However, that's only a handful.

"Biological factors, for example, are men taking antidepressants, taking drugs, or experiencing diabetes. It's a bit of a struggle, yes, to have a consistent sexual performance. There are biological reasons that make him experience anxiety, anxiety, and so on. Zoya says.

"I give romantic advice to every man (so that) they are not trapped in a vicious circle and are quick to find strong drugs. Because, like this, sexual performance issues that make men nervous have biological and psychological factors," he added.

Beat suggestion

As with any addiction. In case of addiction suggestive of strong drugs, one must find a way out. According to Zoya, the solution is to leave the patriarchal culture which is the root of the problem.

In Zoya's eyes, the patriarchal culture in sex has taken men across borders. He even touched on a number of cases of how men chose brothels to enjoy their first sex experience.

"These are these kinds of cultures, once again I say that culture is actually misguided. This is why many men when they have their first sex often go to prostitutes, trying to have sex so that when they have sex with other people. which he likes, he doesn't want to lose face, lose his self-esteem when he can't show his best sexual performance, "Zoya said.

Zoya Amirin (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

Apart from leaving the confinement of the patriarchal-based mind, every man must educate himself with sexual knowledge. Not about how to satisfy your partner, but equip yourself with the awareness that sex is not a big thing.

In ideal sex relationships, the roles of women or men are equally crucial. The two of them need to "work together" to reach orgasm. There is an atmosphere to be built between boy and girl. There is a comfortable atmosphere that needs to be created for relaxation of the mind.

And especially for women, an active role is needed. Women need to provide information about sensitive points that can stimulate them. In addition to giving flexibility to warm up (foreplay), of course.

"This process makes him (male) feel manly if he can control it all. But, unfortunately, if it's only biology that can be controlled with drugs, that's okay. But, don't forget that the whole about sex is about what is You think, about how you feel, "Zoya said.

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