It's Like Eating Without Chopsticks The Netizen Response To The IPhone 12, Which Is Sold Without A Charger

JAKARTA - The iPhone 12 is still being discussed by many people, including netizens who were disappointed because the first 5G cellphone from Apple was actually sold without a charger and Earpods. The fans immediately protested this.

Launching the South China Morning Post , not a few consumers and netizens were disappointed and protested Apple's new policy to sell the iPhone 12 without a charger and earphone port. Moreover, the price of the iPhone 12 which is sold is relatively expensive without these accessories.

Based on voting on Weibo on social media regarding the iPhone 12, 10,000 respondents voted no, while 9,269 others said yes and 5,400 people were still considering buying the latest iPhone.

"How could it be this expensive, even without a charger or earbuds ?," wrote a Weibo user who rated Apple's reasons for being eco-friendly as baseless.

"I'm okay with not having earphones because I keep using Bluetooth earpods, but removing the charger is like asking me to eat without chopsticks," commented the netizen.

Many fans also hope that the iPhone 12 should use a USB-C port. However, Apple announced they are still using the Lightning port to USB-C with an adapter sold separately.

At least to buy Apple EarPods and Adapter chargers, users have to spend 19 US dollars or around Rp.279 thousand for each product. But keep in mind that Apple has an adequate ecosystem so that users can still use the charger port or EarPods from previous products.