Wanting To Prove Good Work, A Cleaning Officer Drinks Toilet Water

JAKARTA - A janitor in China wants to prove how good he is at work. He made a rather disgusting decision by drinking water from the toilet.

This dedicated worker claims he wants to motivate employees in other departments to do their job perfectly. That was the reason he drank the toilet water that he had previously cleaned.

In a video widely shared on Chinese social media site Weibo, the female janitor takes a cup of water straight from a squat toilet in front of a group of superiors.

He then got up and drank the entire cup in seconds, proving how good he is at sanitizing in the restroom.

As the cameras moved, the bosses applauded him.

A spokesman for the Zhongcheng Fertilizer Technology Company in Shandong, eastern China told local media Yidian Video that their company does not implement a policy of requiring workers to drink toilet water.

"This is a testament to the perfection he wants to show, to let others know how dedicated he is to his job," said a spokesperson quoted by the Daily Star , Thursday, October 15.

Cleaning worker collecting toilet water (Photo: Daily Star)

"He wanted to show that he was so confident in cleaning the toilets that he could even drink water from that hole (latrine)."

When asked if the company asked workers to do it, he emphatically replied: "No, no."

According to Sina News, this incident has been reported to the local Manpower Department. Furthermore, officials will carry out investigations into workers' rights and policies.

This cleaning worker drinks toilet water to prove that his job is perfect (Photo: Daily Star)

Meanwhile, the audience criticizes the boss of the company for encouraging such disgusting behavior.

One said: "They see this as a show, a performance. What a shame for the bosses."

Another wrote: "This is so disgusting. No need to drink toilet water to prove how clean it is."

"Why are they clapping for this (disgusting thing)?" Ask the third. "Really weird."