Session Of Indictment Of Former MA Nurhadi Secretary To Be Held Next Week

JAKARTA - Former Secretary of Mahmakah Agung Nurhadi and his son-in-law Riezky Herbiyono will soon be tried on the alleged corruption case that is being suspected by the two of them. The hearing for the reading of the two charges will be held on Thursday, October 22.

"The trial schedule has been determined to take place next week or October 22," said the PR of the Central Jakarta District Court, Bambang Nurchayo, to VOI, Thursday, October 15.

According to him, the judges who will try this case are Saefudin Zuhri as chairman of the panel of judges and Duta Baskara and Sukartono as member judges.

In this case, the KPK charged both with Article 12 A or Article 11 of the Corruption Crime Law and Article 12 B of the Corruption Crime Law.

Meanwhile, Nurhadi and his son-in-law were named by the KPK as suspects in the alleged bribery and gratuity case of Rp46 billion. The suspect was named when the KPK was still chaired by Agus Rahardjo.

The bribe is suspected to be related to the processing of civil cases at the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, regarding gratuities, Nurhadi is suspected of receiving prizes related to the handling of land dispute cases at the cassation level and a judicial review at the Supreme Court.

In addition, the KPK is currently developing a case of suspected bribery and gratuity that charged Nurhadi with the alleged crime of money laundering by collecting data on assets owned by the former MA Secretary.

To find evidence that corroborates the act of money laundering, this anti-graft agency will summon a number of sick people to ask for confirmation about existing assets.

However, because it does not have sufficient evidence to charge Nurhadi in the money laundering crime case, the KPK is still focusing on the main subject of Nurhadi's case, namely the suspicion of bribery and gratification.