Attorney: Sri Mulyani Should Thank Bambang Trihatmodjo

JAKARTA - Bambang Trihatmodjo's attorney, Hardjuno Wiwoho, assessed that the Indonesian government thanked Bambang Trihatmodjo for successfully holding a sports party for Southeast Asian countries in 1997.

This is related to the Decree of the Minister of Finance (Menkeu) regarding the determination of the extension of the prevention of traveling abroad to the Chairman of the XIX-1997 SEA Games Organizing Partner Consortium (KMP), Bambang Trihatmodjo.

According to Hardjuno, the son of former President Soeharto deserves an award for his services to save Indonesia's face at the Asian level.

"The government should understand. Remember, the cost of organizing a major sporting event in Southeast Asia is not funded by the state. It is precisely the private sector involved in saving the face of this nation. The organizers of the SEA Games should receive an award from the government, instead of being tormented as it is today," said Hardjuno in a statement received on Tuesday, September 22.

It should be noted that the implementation of the 1997 SEA Games was actually allocated for Brunei Darussalam to host the biennial event. However, Brunei objected because it was not ready to host it.

Therefore, the right to organize the 1997 SEA Games was handed over to Indonesia first. Based on calculations from the Office of the State Minister for Youth and Sports, the cost of the 1997 SEA Games was Rp. 70 billion.

Beyond the original plan, the consortium was burdened with the additional burden of preparing the Indonesian Pelatnas contingent of Rp. 32 billion. However, along the way, the cost of organizing the SEA Games has swelled to Rp. 156 billion.

"The state should be able to see how much the consortium has spent by looking for sponsors themselves. They should be given appreciation," he said.

The legal basis is not strong

According to Hardjuno, the decision made by the Minister of Finance was made without having a strong legal basis.

"The subject of the KMP is PT Tata Insani Mukti. This is what was misunderstood. The consortium is not a civil law subject so it cannot be held accountable. So, the one who is held accountable is PT as the legal subject," said Hardjuno.

Furthermore, according to him, Bambang Trihatmodjo cannot be held accountable as a person in his position as Chairman of the 1997 SEA Games Consortium.

"It should have been, PT Tata Insani Mukti was asked to take responsibility. If there is a problem between the State Secretariat and the Consortium, where Mr. Bambang is the Head of the Consortium, PT TIM will be held responsible," he explained.

Therefore, explained Hardjuno, burdening Bambang Trihatmodjo with legal responsibility is very unfair. Moreover, as Chairman of the 2017 KMP SEA Games, Bambang Trihatmodjo has mandated everything related to the holding of the SEA Games to the Chief Executive, Bambang Riyadi Soegomo. This is stated in the letter or existing documents.

"Based on the MoU with KONI on October 14, 1996, which was signed by the Chairman of KONI, Mr. Wismoyo Arismunandar, with the Managing Director of PT TIM, Mr. Bambang Riyadi Soegomo, who was appointed by Mr. Bambang Trihatmodjo as the Chief Executive of KMP Daily," he explained.

He explained, what is meant by the SEA Games Organizing Partner Consortium is PT Tata Insani Mukti. As a Commissioner, he explained, Bambang Trihatmodjo had carried out his duties and authorities as a Commissioner in good faith and responsibly.

For information, Bambang Trihatmodjo filed a lawsuit against the Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani at the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN). Quoted from the website of the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN), Bambang Trihatmodjo filed a lawsuit registration on September 15. This lawsuit is registered with case number 179 / G / 2020 / PTUN.JKT.

In his lawsuit, Bambang Trihatmodjo asked PTUN to declare invalid or invalid Decree of the Minister of Finance Number 108 / KM.6 / 2020 dated May 27, 2020 concerning the Stipulation of the Extension of the Prevention of Travel Outside the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia against Bambang Trihatmodjo (Chairman of the Consortium of XIX Sea Games Organizing Partners in 1997 ) in the framework of State Receivables Management.

In addition, Bambang Trihatmodjo in his lawsuit asked PTUN to require the defendant to revoke the Minister of Finance Decree Number 108 / KM.6 / 2020 dated May 27, 2020.