Pasha Ungu Failed To Advance Pilgub Central Sulawesi

JAKARTA - The pair Anwar Hafid-Sigit Purnomo Said or Pasha Ungu failed to advance in the Pilgub of Central Sulawesi. Anwar-Pasha could not fulfill the nomination requirements because he lacked two political party seats in the DPRD.

"I represent Pak Sigit and all US volunteers, fighters and sympathizers in Central Sulawesi to express my deepest apologies because so far we have tried our best to get the support of political parties in accordance with the 20 percent requirement. Until now we have only been able to collect 7 seats out of the 9 required seats, ”said Anwar Hafid in a video statement accompanied by Pasha as quoted by VOI, Saturday, September 5.

Anwar said that there were no more political parties that could be invited to form a coalition to fulfill the nomination requirements. Because of this, Anwar-Pasha canceled his advance in the Pilgub of Central Sulawesi.

"Therefore, I with Pak Sigit convey a deep apology to all volunteers, US fighters for not meeting the 20 percent requirement so that we cannot register at the Central Sulawesi KPUD as a candidate for governor and vice governor," he said.

Anwar-Pasha is grateful for the support of volunteer sympathizers and Democratic cadres of Central Sulawesi. The hard work of volunteers called Anwar paid off with the increase in electability that was portrayed in the survey results.

Meanwhile, Pasha on the Instagram account pashaungu_vm expressed his gratitude to volunteers and sympathizers. The Pasha, who is also the deputy mayor of Palu, emphasized that the failure to advance the Central Sulawesi Pilgub was not the end.

“Today isn't the end of everything and we haven't 'lost' yet. Because the title of losing or winning must be determined through a contest / battle. If this year we have not had the opportunity to enter the arena of battle, then we pray God willing, in the future we will take another role for the sake of "new hope" in Central Sulawesi province, "said Pasha.