Airin Accompany Benyamin List Of Candidates For Mayor Of Tangsel

JAKARTA - Benyamin Davnie-Pilar Saga Ichsan's turn to register his candidacy in the South Tangerang Regional Election to the KPU. Benyamin-Pilar accompanied by the Mayor of South Tangerang, Airin Rachmi Diany.

The Benyamin-Pilar pair supported by the Golkar Party and supported by the PPP and the Gelora Party completed the registration process for more than half an hour, Saturday, September 5.

Meanwhile Airin followed behind him with Abdul Rosyid who was a Golkar cadre and also the head of the Tangsel DPRD along with the PPP and Gelora Party leaders.

The candidate for mayor, Benyamin Davnie, said from the examination of the files carried out by the KPU, it was confirmed that all files had been declared accepted and then waited for the next stage from the KPU.

"Alhamdulillah, the files that we delivered have been received by the KPU. This is the result of the cooperation of all parties, namely the supporting parties," he was quoted as saying by Antara.

Meanwhile, Airin Rachmi Diany who is also the Chairman of the DPD Golkar Party appreciated the Benyamin-Pilar pair. Airin is confident in Benyamin's experience while accompanying him as vice mayor for 10 years.

"With the existing experience, we are confident in Benyamin-Pilar's future efforts in undergoing this contest," said Airin.