Dicuekin's Heartache, Men In Bali Steal Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

DENPASAR - Friendship affairs can get messy just because you misunderstand. The man in Bali stole his friend's Harley-Davidson because he felt hurt that he was no longer cared for.

"The perpetrator admitted stealing the victim's motorbike because he was hurt, because the victim who was the perpetrator's friend no longer cared about the perpetrator," said Dirkrimum of the Bali Police, Kombes Dodi Rahmawan, to reporters, Saturday, September 5.

There were three perpetrators who were arrested by the police for stealing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle worth Rp180 million belonging to Ida Kade Oka Suriawan. The three perpetrators of the theft were GPS, IKS and IGA. From the perpetrator's hands the police secured the stolen Harley-Davidson.

The theft took place on September 31 in front of the terrace of the victim's stall. At that time, the victim parked the Harley-Davidson motorcycle but forgot to remove the automatic lock.

In the morning, the victim was surprised that his motorbike was gone. The police also investigated this case until the three perpetrators were finally able to arrest them on Friday, September 4.

The arrest was made when the perpetrator planned to sell the stolen motorbike on Jalan Danau Batur, Jembrana.