Family Prohibits Police Autopsy Without Permission From Six Laskar Followers Of Rizieq Who Were Shot Dead
VOI / Rizieq Shihab DOCUMENTATION (Photo: Diah Ayu W)

JAKARTA - Spokesperson for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), Munarman has communicated with the family of six special laskar followers of Rizieq Shihab who were shot dead by the police.

Munarman said that currently the family prohibited the police from carrying out an autopsy on the bodies of the six members of the army.

"The families of six soldiers who were martyred (died) refused to have their bodies autopsied without the family's permission," said Munarman when he was met in the Petamburan area, Central Jakarta, Monday, December 7.

At present, Munarman is still confirming the identities of the six soldiers who died to their families. So far, Munarman has only revealed the names of the six people.

"They are named Fais, Ambon, Andi, Reza, Lutfil, and Kadhavi. All of them are members of the laskar from Laskar DKI. Age and so on, we still cross-check with families," said Munarman.

In this regard, Munarman denied that the special laskar for Rizieq Shihab's followers had firearms during the shooting incident of six laskar by the police. So, according to him, there was no gunfire in the incident.

"That big slander, if our laskar is said to be carrying firearms and shooting. There was no gun battle, only a shooting incident," said Munarman.

Munarman claimed that the FPI laskar were never equipped with firearms. He asked the authorities to provide real information about the shooting incident.

"It is impossible for us to buy (firearms) from the black market. So it is a lie, a lie at all. Every FPI member is prohibited from carrying sharp weapons, firearms, even explosives. So, those are attempts to slander, distort the facts," said Munarman.

The police attack by Rizieq Shihab's laskar took place around 00.30 WIB Monday, early morning. Metro Jaya Regional Police Chief Inspector General Fadil Imran said that the police had received news that a mass of supporters of Rizieq Shihab would be deployed in connection with an investigation called Inspector General Fadil circulating in many WhatsApp groups.

The Regional Police investigated the accuracy of the information and followed the vehicle Rizieq was in. On the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road, Fadil said the officers' vehicles were intercepted and then attacked using firearms and sharp weapons, as what colleagues saw in front of this.

"Members who were threatened with their safety because they were attacked, then took a firm measure of measure, so that the group suspected of being MRS followers, totaling 10, died as many as 6 people," said Fadil.

However, this was denied by the FPI Spokesperson, Munarman. Munarman emphasized that Rizieq made a trip to attend recitation at the residence of his immediate family.

"The news is slander. Habib Rizieq is heading outside Jakarta to attend the nuclear family recitation. I do not want to mention where it is. This is only a nuclear family recitation, it does not involve any parties," said Munarman.


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