Ambon Police Chief Asks The Police To Be "Setting Their Feet", Ready To Be Reviled
Kapolresta Pulau Ambon and PP Lease Kombes Polisi Raja Arthur Lumonga Simamora di Jazirah Leihitu, Jumat (27/1/2023). (ANTARA)

AMBON - Ambon Island Police Chief and PP Lease Police Commissioner Raja Arthur Simamora emphasized that a police officer must always be ready to become a "footset" who when trampled on and cursed, remains open in serving the community.

"I often tell members that if they become police, they must be ready to be set on their feet when we are trampled on, cursed at, but still welcome because it has become part of our duties as public servants," said the Ambon Police Chief, quoted by ANTARA, Sunday, January 29.

The confirmation of the Police Chief was conveyed when he met face to face and captured aspirations with the community and religious leaders in Leihitu District (Ambon Island) of Central Maluku Regency through the Curhat Friday program.

On that occasion, the King of the Land of Wakal Ahaja Suneth asked the Leihitu Police to proactively conduct liquor raids which have always been a trigger for social security problems in Leihitu District.

Indigenous figure Hitu Messing SalehSamat hopes that there will be additional personnel members of the Leihitu Police who currently have minimal numbers and advise police personnel to be active in carrying out patrols.

Meanwhile, one of the Hitu Lama State staff, Idris Ruhunussa, said that during the events of the social security disturbances in Jazirah Leihitu, the actions taken by police personnel seemed slow because they had to wait for orders from the leadership.

"To the king in the pilgrimage in the concept of the state government, there are two types of leadership, there are kings who are recognized by the community and some are not so that it becomes an obstacle when there is a commotion between the country and groups who do not recognize the king. This is what often causes problems," said Idris.

Meanwhile, the King of Hitu Lama Country, Salhana Pellu, said that no matter how many security personnel there is no awareness from the community, everything will be useless because most of the problems that arise start from personal problems.

The head of the Wakal State Youth, Hasan Wael, suggested that no matter how small the problems reported by residents to the police, they must be followed up because the big problem started with a small problem.

"If there is a problem, the perpetrators are immediately handed over, don't protect them, cook them, they must sacrifice many people for the actions of each person," said Hasan.

Photo: Kapolresta Pulau Ambon and PP Lease Kombes Polisi Raja Arthur Lumonga Simamora held a meeting with the community and heads of government, traditional leaders, and youth figures at Jazirah Leihitu, Friday (27/1/2023). ANTARA

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